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Group Tourism.

Group travel is an excellent option as the traveler just has to sign up and everything else is taken care of. No worries of finding accommodations, driving, parking, where to eat, or what to do. People who participate in group tours also have the benefit of tour guides and group leaders. There is always someone on the trip who is responsible for making sure everyone is accounted for, takes care of any issues that may arise and knows about the location(s). These travel plans could consist of day trips, multi-day trips, traveling to exotic destinations, historic and cultural sites, concerts, sporting events, etc. Tour packages range from hundreds of travelers to smaller groups as few as 10 people. What does it take to attract a group tour to your destination? It depends on who is on the tour! Here are 4 common types of group tours and what they’re looking for.

4 Common Types of Group Tours 1. Senior Group Tours Many retirees enjoy this type of vacation. It’s ideal for people who love to travel but don’t want to travel alone. 2. Adventure Group Tours This type of travel is of special interest to people who like to get their adrenaline flowing! While there could be varied ages, 3. Sports Group Tours Sports fans are some of the most passionate and expressive travelers around. These types of tours are great for those who love watching sporting events but don’t want the hassle. 4. Student Group Tours Performance, sports, educational and recreational are the 4 main types of student tours.

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