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Wedding Tourism.

Wedding tourism', 'marriage tourism' and 'destinations weddings' are a fast growing phenomenon that refers to tourists traveling for the purpose of getting married or venturing to a destination for the wedding of a friend, relative or acquaintance. Regardless of sex, religion, and ethnicity, the weddings industry is an aspect of contemporary society that will always bring people together. Tourists now aspire to seek any opportunity to travel that they can and as a result of this 25% of weddings are now classified as destination weddings. Destinations throughout the Caribbean, Asia and Europe are some of the most dependent on wedding tourism attracting couples and families worldwide. An iconic wedding destination can vastly benefit the local community including hotels, infrastructure, transport, retail and relevant stakeholders.

Wedding cruises have grown in popularity over recent years as they offer travelers the opportunity to venture to multiple destinations, combining wedding and honeymoon into one. Reasons to Buy Gain an insight into the wedding tourism segment Understand the key traveler types within this segment and how they are attracted by different destinations Look at the key destinations and why they appeal Gain a detailed understanding of the key trends, issues and challenges facing the wedding tourism space.

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